Simple Present or Present  Continuous (Progressive) exercises

Signal words Simple Present:

always, every, never, normally, now and then, occasionally, often, rarely, seldom, sometimes, usually

Signal words Present Continuous (Progressive):


at the moment, at present, just, just now, now, right now, still, today, tonight. Look! Listen!


Fill in the correct form of the verb.


Ben often reads the newspaper. (Example Simple Present)
Example: It is raining right now. (Example Present Continuous)
Ben often the newspapers. (to read)
Listen! Somebody you. (to call)
He always late. (to be - am, is, are)
He Andy every Friday. (to visit)
I never coffee in the morning. (to dring)
It at present. (to rain)
The train at he moment.
They always early.
Jane the guitar now.