Simple Past or Past Continuous (Progressive)



He went to school 5 years ago. (Simple Past)

She was reading when he came in. (Past Continuous / Simple Past)


Fill in the correct form of the verb.


1. I in bed when I a noise.

(to read/to hear)

2. Mum the washing up when she a cup.

(to do/to drop)

3. I a photo of Jake while he .

(to take/not to look)

4. While the students a test, a mobile .

(to do/to ring)

5. We for the bus when it to rain.

(to wait/to start)

6. While I football, I my leg.

(to play/to break)

7. Peter a book when he in.

(to read/to come)

8. When we to the sea, the sun was .

(to shine/to go)

9. When the teacher in, the girl a text message.

 (to come/to write)

10. Sue out because it .

(not to go/to snow)