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Future Perfect Continuous Grammar Rules and Explanations

Future Perfect Continuous (Progressive) - Tenses English Grammar


Future Perfect Continuous (Progressive)


will + have + been + infinitive + -ing


Example: Future Perfect Continuous (Progressive)


I will have been reading a book for hours.

Peter will have been watching TV for a long time.


Future Perfect Continuous (Progressive)


1. Person singular: I will have been learning for years.

2. Person singular: You will have been learning for years.

3. Person singular: He/She will have been learning for years.

1. Person plural: We will have been learning for years.

2. Person plural: You will have been learning for years.

3. Person plural: They will have been learning for years.


Signal words Future Perfect Continuous (Progressive)


Signal words: all day long, for ..., the last couple of hours.


Questions Future Perfect Continuous (Progressive)


will + subject + have + been + infinitive + -ing?


Examples - Questions Future Perfect Continuous (Progressive) :


Will Jack have been learning all day?

Will the students have been working all morning?


Negative - Future Perfect Continuous (Progressive)


 will + not + have + been + infinitive + -ing.


Negative - long form: I will not have been playing.

Negative - short form: I won't have been playing.


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Future Perfect Continuous - English grammar


Future Perfect Continuous and the rules of sentence structure. English grammar: An introduction form of theFuture Perfect Continuous, exceptions in spelling, short forms of the  Future Perfect Continuous, use, signal words, summary and exercises. Matching exercises, quizzes and riddles for the Future Perfect Continuous.



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