English Possessive pronouns - Test
Choose the correct possessive pronoun in each sentence.

1. my/mine Don´t eat that brownie! It´s .
2. your/yours Is this his book? No, it´s book.
3. my /mine Don´t take that bag!. It´s bag.
4. our/ours Are these his shoes? No, they´re .
5. their/theirs Is this the her car? No, it´s car.
6. your/yours Whose are these red T-shirts? Are they , Sue?
7. her/hers Are they her shoes? No, are blue.
8. our/ours Is that your dog? No, it´s dog.
9. her/hers Is that her money? Yes, it is .
10. their/theirs Whose are the bikes over there? They´re .