Reported Speech - the change of the pronouns

Fill in the corrcet pronoun. (Reported Speech without backshift)

Emma says, I can help mother.”
Emma says (that) can help mother.
Lucy says , “We have finished the work.”
Luc y said (that) have finished the work.
He said , I swim every day “.
He said (that) swam every day.
Peter said, “You can have the car on Monday.”
Peter said (that) could have the car on Monday.
Mrs Brown said “I need a new movie project”
Mrs Brown said (that) needed a new movie project.
Ben said, “I love learning”.
Ben said (that) loved learning.
Jake said, “My father isn’t very well.”
Jake said (that) father wasn´t very well.
Emma has just told me, “It is my money.”
Emma has just told me (that) it is money.