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English Tenses
Simple Present
Simple Past
Present Perfect
Past Perfect
Simple Future - will Future
Future Perfect

Continuous Tenses
Present Continuous
Past Continuous
Present Perfect Continuous
Past Perfect Continuous
Simple Future Continuous
Future Perfect Continuous
Worksheets Tenses

Comparison of Tenses
If clauses - Conditional
Active Passive exercises
Reported Speech
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Year 3 English

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English Tenses exercises
Simple Present Tense
Simple Past Tense
Present Perfect
Past Perfect
Simple Future - Will Future
Continuous Tenses
Comparison of Tenses
Active and Passive Voice
If clauses - conditionals
Reported Speech

English tenses
The comparison of tenses

Comparison of TensesCompare all English tenses
Active and Passive
English exercises active and passive
If Clauses - Conditionals English exercises if clauses, conditionals
Reported Speech / Indirect Speech Reported Speech English exercises


English year 3.

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