Past perfect continuous rules, examples

Past perfect continuous

Past perfect continuous

had + been + infinitive + -ing

Past perfect continuous use

The past perfect continuous describes longer actions in the past before another action in the past.

He had been working hard for years.
They had been talking to the teacher the whole morning.

Past Perfect Progressive signal words

all day, for, since, the whole day / week / month / year.

Past Perfect Progressive questions

had + subject + been + infinitive + -ing

Questions past perfect progressive examples

I had been eating oranges. Had I been eating oranges?
We had been doing our homework. Had we been doing our homework?
He had been living in London for years. Had he been living in London for years?

Past Perfect Progressive negative

had + not + been + infinitive + -ing

Negatives - examples

I had not been eating apples. (long form)
He had not been living in London. (long form)

I hadn't been eating apples. (short form)
He hadn't been living in London. (short form)

Past perfect continuous examples

Past perfect continuous with explanations, examples and exercises. Change the following sentences into Past perfect continuous and learn with English online exercises.


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