Reported speech - indirect speech

Tests reported speech

41 Reported speech all tenses  all tenses
42 Mixed exercises all forms tenses
43 All tenses place, time
44 Reported speech place, time
45 All tenses place, time

Reported speech exercises

01 Reported speech rules
02 Pronouns Change of pronouns
03 Pronouns Change of pronouns
04 Reported speech place and time

Simple present / without backshift

05 Simple present
06 Simple present

Simple past - with backshift

Present ⇒ past

Simple past - statements

07 Simple past Backshift
08 Backshift tenses

Reported speech negative

09 Negatives
10 Negative exercises

Questions reported speech

11 Questions
12 Question words

Past ⇒ past perfect

13 Past - past perfect
14 Past - Past perfect

Reported speech negative

15 Simple past - past perfect negative Backshift
16 Simple past - past perfect negative Backshift

Questions with - without question words

17 Past perfect questions question words
18 Past perfect questions without question words

Present perfect ⇒ past perfect

19 Present perfect to past perfect with backshift
20 Present perfect to past perfect with backshift

Reported speech negative

21 Present perfect to past perfect negatives
22 Present perfect to past perfect

Reported speech questions

23 Present perfect - past perfect questions
24 Present perfect - past perfect questions

Present will ⇒ would

25 will - would Will - would
26 Will future

Reported speech negative

27 Will future negative
28 Negative statements

Reported speech questions

29 Questions - will-future
30 Questions - examples


Reported speech commands

31 Commands
32 Commands

Reported speech, commands negative

33 reported speech commands - negative
34 reported speech commands negative

Mixed exercises

Reported speech, positive sentences

35 reported speech mixed exercises
36 reported speech tenses

reported speech, Questions

37 reported speech mixed exercises Questions
38 reported speech tenses Questions

Reported speech, commands

39 Mixed exercises
40 Commands

Reported speech, questions, commands

41 All tenses  All forms and tenses
42 Mixed exercises All forms and tenses

Tests - questions, commands...

43 All tenses place and time
44 Reported speech place and time

Test reported speech - all tenses, place, time

45 Reported speech all tenses Exerciseswith place and time

Reported speech exercises with answers

Reported speech sentences. Online exercises with questions and Reported speech positive and negative sentences.

Reported speech exercises

English grammar Reported speech exercises. Free exercises on english tenses and mixed tenses. Ejercicios en linea ingles. Exercicios das aulas de
Ingles gratis online, exercicios de vocabularios, gramatica inglesa.