Going to Future

Going to Future exercises

01 Going-to-Future Rules
02 Going-to-Future
03 Going-to-Future exercises
04 Simple sentences Make sentences
05 Word order - positive sentences
06 Going to Future word order
07 Examples Going-to-Future

Questions Going-to-Future

08 Going-to-Future questions
09 Questions - examples
10 Going-to-Future questions
11 Going-to-Future questions
12 Going-to-Future questions

Going-to-Future Negatives

13 Going-to-Future negative
14 Going-to-Future negative
15 Going-to-Future negative
16 Going-to-Future negative Short form
17 Going-to-Future negative
18 Going-to-Future negative Word order

Tests Going-to-Future

19 Test 1 Positive sentences, questions and negatives
20 Test 2 Eoing to Future mixed exercises
21 Test 3 Mixes exercises Going-to-future - Work on a text

Going to Future exercises with answers

Going to Future sentences. Online exercises with questions and Going to Future positive and negative sentences.

Going to Future exercises and answers

Going to Future English Tenses and English grammar worksheets, grammar rules, grammar exercises. Ejercicios en linea ingles. Exercicios das aulas de
Ingles gratis online, exercicios de vocabularios, gramatica inglesa.English Going to Future review to help advanced level English classes and students review for all major tenses.