Present perfect rules, examples

Present perfect

Present perfect

have / has + Past Participle (3rd form)

Examples present perfect

I have finished my homework.
He has talked to the officer.

Regular verbs:  look - looked, watch - watched.
Verbs with -e: add -d. live - lived
Some verbs are not regular. You have to learn them by heart.

Conjugation present perfect

I have listened to the song.
You have listened to the song.
He/She has listened to the song.
We have listened to the song.
You have listened to the song.
They have listened to the song.

Present Perfect use

1. -Present perfect: Something happend in the past and is important for the present.

The picture has just fallen down.
Tom has los his keys. He can't start his car now.

2. The present perfect describes an action that was completed in the very recent past.

He has just talked to his brother.
I have just finished my work.

3. The action started in the past and continues in the present.

We have worked in London since 2010.

Present Perfect signal words

Signalwords Present Perfect:

ever, for, just, never, not... yet, recently, since, so far, this morning (afternoon...), till now, up to now, yet.

Examples: Present perfect signalwords

We have just eaten apples.
They have already done their work.
He has lived in Manchester since 2015.

Present perfect questions

have/has + subject + Past Participle

Examples: Questions present perfect:

I have eaten apples. Have I eaten apples?
We have already done our work. Have we already done our work?
He has lived in Manchester since 2018. Has he lived in Manchester since 2018?

Present perfect negative

have/has, not + Past Participle

Examples Present Perfect negative

I have eaten oranges. I haven't eaten oranges.
He has lived in London since 2011. He hasn't lived in London since 2011.

Present Perfect - to be

 statement negative
long form short form


have been
have been
has been
have been
have been
have been

have not been
have not been
has not been
have not been
have not been
have not been

haven't been
haven't been
hasn't been
haven't been
haven't been
haven't been

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