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English tenses

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English Tenses

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Present Continuous exercises

Present progressive - Present continuous - The tenses - Learning English


Present progressive (Present continuous)


Present progressive (continuous) means: Something is happening now.


Form of the present progressive

to be (am, is, are) + infinitive + -ing




I am reading a book.

They are going for a walk.


Present progressive -  (Present continuous) signal words


Simple present signal words: at the moment, at present, now, right now, still, today, tonight.
Look! Listen!




She is now sitting in the classroom.
They are right now reading a book.
Look! They are watching television.


Verbs like can, have, like and want don't form the present progressive.


Present progressive questions


Am I watching TV?
Are you listening to music?
Is he dancing today?
Is she watching birds?
Are we looking for CDs
Are you wating for the taxi?
Are they writing letters?



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Present Continuous - English grammar - present continuous


Present Continuous and the rules of sentence structure. English grammar: Present continuous. An introduction form of the Present Continuous, exceptions in spelling, short forms of the Present Continuous, use, signal words, summary and exercises. Matching exercises, quizzes and riddles for the Present Continuous.


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