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English tenses

Reported Speech

01 Reported Speech rules

02 Pronouns change

03 Pronouns change

04 Change place and time

Introduction Simp. Present

05 Simple Present Introduc.

06 Introduction Simple Pres.

Introduction Simple Past

Present ⇒ Past

07 Backshift

08 Backshift Tenses

Negative-Reported Speech

 09 Simple Past Negative

 10 Simple Past Negative

Questions Reported Speech

11 Questions

12 Questions

Past ⇒ Past Perfect

13 Past - Past Perfect

14 Past - Past Perfect

Negative-Reported Speech

15 Past Perfect Negative

16 Past Perfect Negative

Questions Reported Sp.

17 with-out question word

18 with-out question word

Present P. ⇒ Past Perf.

19 P. Perfect Past Perfect

20 P. Perfect Past Perfect


21 P. Perfect Past Perfect

22 P. Perfect Past Perfect


23 Questions without qw.

24 Questions with qw.

will ⇒ would

25 will -  would

26 Will-Future


27 Will-Future Negative

28 Will-Future negatives


29 Will-Future Questions

30 Will-Future will - would

Commands - Reported Sp.

31 Commands Reported Sp.

32 Commands Reported Sp.

Negative Commands

33 Commands negative

34 Commands negative

Mixed exercises

35 Mixed exercises

36 Mixed exercises

37 Questions all tenses

38 Questions all tenses

39 Commands all tenses

40 Commands all tenses

41 all forms all tenses

42 all forms all tenses

43 ... Change place and time

44 ... Change place and time


45 Test Reported Speech


English Tenses

Simple Present Tense

Simple Past Tense

Present Perfect

Past Perfect

Simple Future

Future Perfect



Progressive Tenses

Present Progressive

Past Progressive

Present Perfect Progr.

Past Perfect Progressive

Simple Future Progressive

Future 2 Progressive


English year 1

English year 2

English year 3


Comparison of Tenses

If clauses - Conditional

Active Passive exercises

Reported Speech




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Reported Speech - English grammar rules   >>Test 1 & Test 2>>

 Reported Speech - Direct Speech and Indirect Speech


Direct Speech

Direct speech with quotation marks: "l learn at school".


Reported Speech Speech:

Reported Speech: He said he worked in a bank.

The tenses, word-order, pronouns are different from those in the direct speech sentence.

Direct Speech Reported Speech
Jake says: "I bought some DVDs." Jake says that he bought some DVDs.


Introduction Simple Present - English


Direct Speech Reported Speech
Susan says: “I want an ice-cream.” Susan says that she wants an ice-cream.


Reported Speech Speech: Change of tenses


Introduction Tenses Direct Speech Tenses Reported Speech
Ann said: “I want ice-cream.” Ann said that she wanted ice-cream.
Simple Past Simple Present Simple Past
Simple Past

Simple Past

Present Perfect

Past Perfect

Past Perfect
Simple Past will would
Reported Speech: 'to be'
Simple Past am/is/are was/were
Simple Past


have/has been

had been

had been


The Past Perfect Tense does not change in the Reported Speech.


Questions - Reported Speech English


Do you like Jake?
She asked me if/whether I liked Jake.


Questions with questions words-  Reported Speech


“Who is your friend?”
She asked me who my friend was.


Commands Reported Speech - English


“Sit down!” - The teacher told them to sit down.

“Drink a lot of tea!” - He told us to drink a lot of tea.


Changes - Reported Speech


The tenses, word-order, pronouns are different from those in the direct speech sentence.


Change of pronouns - Change of place and time - Reported Speech


  Direct Speech

Reported Speech

(Reported speech)

Change of pronouns








⇒ he/she

⇒ they

⇒ his/her

⇒ my

⇒ their

⇒ him/her

⇒ them

Change of place and time



this morning



next week

next month

⇒ there

⇒ that day

⇒ that morning

⇒ the day before

⇒ the next day

⇒ the following week

⇒ the following month



 >>Test 1 & Test 2>>    worksheets

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Reported Speech

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Reported Speech / Indirect Speech - English grammar rules

Reported speech, grammar rule and short explanations, lots of exercises. Direct Speech, Indirect Speech, Reported Speech: Tests and exercises. A guide to using reported speech in English. Learn how to use Reported Speech / Indirect Speech exercises. Structures of reported speech.



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