Past perfect rules, examples

Past perfect

Past Perfect rules

had + past participle (3rd form)

Examples for regular verbs ending -ed:  look - looked, watch - watched.

Some verbs are not regular. You have to learn them by heart.

Past participle irregular verbs

arisen, awoken, been, borne, beaten or beat, become, begun, bent, bet, bitten, blown, broken, brought, built, burned or burnt, burst, bought, caught, chosen, clung, come, cost,  cut, dealt, dug, done, drawn, dreamed or dreamt, drunk, driven, eaten, fallen, fed, felt, fought, found, flown, forbidden, forgotten, forgiven, frozen, gotten or got, given, gone, ground, grown, had, heard, hidden, hit, held, hur,t kept, known, laid, led, left, lent, let, lain,  lost, made, meant, me,t paid, put, quit, read, ridden, rung, risen, run, said, seen, sold, sent, set, shaken, shone or shined, shot, shown, shrunk, shut, sung, sunk, sat, slept, slid, spoken, spent, split, spread, sprung, stood, stolen, struck, sworn, swept, swum, taken, taught, torn, told, thought, thrown, understood, upset, woken, worn, woven, won, wound, written.

I had done the homework.
You had done the homework.
He/She had done the homework.
We had done the homework.
You had done the homework.
They had done the homework.

Use of the past perfect

Past Perfect expresses: Something happened before another action in the past or something happened before a specific time in the past.

He had worked hard before he became ill.
They had talked to the teacher before they left the school.

Past perfect signal words

Signal words: after, before, when.

Examples past perfect signal words:

I had eaten my breakfast before I went to school.
Before we read the book, we had bought the book.
We did our homework after we had seen a film.
After he had sent an email, he got an answer.
When he left school, he had learned for years.
When she arrived in London, she had waited for hours.

Past perfect questions

had + subject + past participle


I had eaten oranges. Had I eaten oranges?
We had done our homework. Had we done our homework?
He had lived in London 2011. Had he lived in London 2011?

Past perfect negative

had + not / n't past participle (3rd form)


I had eaten oranges. I had not eaten oranges. (long form)
He had lived in Birmingham. He hadn't lived in Birmingham. (short form)

Past Perfect - to be

positive negative
long form short form
had been
had been
had been
had been
had been
had been
had nott been
had not been
had not been
had not been
had not been
had not been
hadn't been
hadn't been
hadn't been
hadn't been
hadn't been
hadn't been


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Past perfect examples

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