Would like to want to rules

Would like to

Would like = loving to do something. Say politely what you want.
Would like or 'd like (short form). The main verb is always the infinitive.

Examples - would like to


Long form: I would like to go for a walk. (I love going for a walk.)
Long form: Sue would like to make a pizza now. (She loves making a pizza.)

Questions - would like to

Would you like to go for a walk?

Negative - wouldn't like to

Sue wouldn't like to make a pizza now.
We wouldn't like to have dinner.

Want to

Want to is a wish, have a desire to do or possess something.

Sally wants to read the book.
I want to eat this cake! (not polite)

Negative sentences - don't want to, doesn't want to

I don't want to go shoppping.
He doesn't want to read the book.

Questions want to

Does Sally want to read the book?

Would like to want to exercises

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Would want to exercises with answers

Would want to sentences. Online exercises with questions and Would want to positive and negative sentences.

Would want to exercises and answers

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