Present perfect continuous rules, examples

Present perfect continuous

Present Perfect Progressive

 have/has, been, infinitive, -ing.

have/has +been + Infinitiv + -ing


I have been reading a book for a long time.
They have been going for a walk for 2 hours.


An action that has just stopped.
An action continuing up to now.

Present Perfect Progressive examples:

I've been working all day.
He has been reading for the past 3 hours.
We have been waiting for a long time now.
He has been smoking!

Signal words

Present Perfect Progressive signal words: all (day), how long ...?, since, for, the whole (morning/ afternoon/ week/ year).


She has been sitting in the classroom all day.
They have been at the party all night.
How long have you been in London?

since - a specific time

since Christmas
since 2011
since this morning
since lunch
since I got up
since 10 o'clock

for - duration

for 5 minutes
for 2 hours
for 2 days
for a month
for 2 years
for a long time

For and since

since =  since Christmas, since 2011, since this morning, since lunch, since I got up, since 10 o'clock
for =  for 5 minutes, for 2 hours, for 2 days, for a month, for 2 years, for a long time


I have been watching TV all day.
We have been listening to the music all day.


Have I been watching TV all day? Yes, I have. Or: No, I haven't.
Have we been listening to the music all day?Yes, we have. Or: No, we haven't.


I haven't been watching TV all day.
We haven't been listening to the music all day.

Present perfect continuous rules

Present perfect continuous with explanations, examples and exercises. Change the following sentences into Present perfect continuous and learn with English online exercises.


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