A little or a few - rules and examples

A little or a few

(a) few or (a) little - expressions of quantity

a few ...

(A) few ... is used with plurals: a few pounds, a few trees a few boys, a few girls, a few stones, a few cars.

Examples: a few

There are just a few examples.
I meet a few friends.
I see a few hundred pupils.
I've got few brothers.

a little...

(A) little is used with singular nouns (uncountable) nouns: a little water, a little milk, a little sand, a little air.

Examples: a little

There is little tea left.
Not a lot, only a little, please.
I've got little money.

Little and few - negative meaning

Few and little are negative. The meaning is not many / not much.

A little and a few - positive meaning

A few and a little are positive. The meaning is more some.

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A little or a few examples

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