Adverbs of frequency rules, examples

Adverbs of frequency

Some adverbs describe how frequently we do an activity.

Adverbs of frequency list

always, hardly, never, occasionally, often, seldom, sometimes, usually

Word order of the adverbs

After to be (am, are, is, was, were):

subject + to be + adverb of frequency

She is often right.

Adverb of frequency before the other verbs

subject + adverb of frequency + main verb

He always watches tv.

After auxiliary verbs

subject + auxiliary  + main verb + adverb of frequency

He can arrive in time.

Adverbs of frequency exercises

01 always - adverbs of frequency
02 never - adverbs of frequency
03 sometimes - adverbs of frequency
04 often - adverbs of frequency
05 mixed exercises
06 Adverbs of frequency word order

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