A or an articles rules, examples

A or an articles

a and an - indefinite articles

Use a or an when you say what a thing or a person is. A-an has no plural.

A + consonant

If the following word starts with a consonant, then say a.

Examples: a friend, a box, a room, a farmer, a driver, a teacher

An + vowel

If the following word starts with a vovel, then say an.

Examples: an apple,  an animal,  an uncle

Exceptions a and an

Vowel letter but consonant sound, then say a.

Examples: a user, a unit

Definite article

Examples: the ball, the bag, the house,


Do not use the in generalisations with plural and uncountable nouns.

She likes music.
Cars are expensive.

Place names with no article

continents, towns, most streets and countries, lakes, buildings

Place names with the

Seas, rivers, geographical regions, theatres, cinemas

A or an articles - exercises

02 Indefinite articles
03 Indefinite article a
04 Indefinite article an
05 a or an?
06 A or an?
07 a or an
08 A and an
09 A and an in sentences
10 A or an?
11 A or an?
12 definite article 'the'

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