Must, mustn't, needn't exercise


Must - it is necessary to do something. Mustn't - it is necessary not to do something.

Must and infinitive

Must is followed by the infinitive without to.

Must affirmative

I must stop the car.
He / She / It must stop the car.

Must negative

Use must not in prohibitions.

I mustn't stop the car.
He / She / It mustn't stop the car.


Needn't: It is not necessary to do something.

Needn't examples

I needn't stop the car.
He / She / It needn't stop the car.

English Must need exercises

Mustn't or needn't? Fill in exercises - Things you needn't do at school and things you mustn't do at school - fill in exercises. Fill in needn't or mustn't.

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