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English grammar

English year 1

to be exercises

 00 to be Grammar rules

 01 to be - exercises

 02 to be examples

 03 to be - exercises

 04 to be - questions

 05 to be with this / that

 06 to be all forms 1

 07 to be all forms 2

 08 to be all forms 3

 09 to be exercises


English Tenses

Simple Present Tense

Simple Past Tense

Present Perfect

Past Perfect

Future 1

Future Perfect



Progressive Tenses

Present Progressive

Past Progressive

Present Perfect Progr.

Past Perfect Progressive

Future 1 Progressive

Future Perfect Progressive


Comparison of Tenses

If clauses - Conditional

Active Passive exercises

Reported Speech



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to be - exercises for the verb 'to be'





English exercises with easy exercises and grammar rules "to be"


Start exercises

00 to be Grammar rules

01 to be  - first easy exercises to learn the verb 'to be'

02 to be  the verb 'to be' with examples and exercises

03 to be  - exercises 'to be' auxiliary verbs

04 to be questions  Exercises for the verb to be, questions

05 to be  with this and that - Exercises auxiliary verbs

06 to be  all forms 1 - Exercises auxiliary verbs

07 to be  all forms 2 - Exercises auxiliary verbs

08 to be  all forms 3 - Exercises auxiliary verbs

09 the verb "to be" Exercises for the verb 'to be'

English Tenses exercises
Simple Present Tense
Simple Past Tense
Present Perfect
Past Perfect
Simple Future - Will Future
Continuous Tenses
Comparison of Tenses
Active and Passive Voice
If clauses - conditionals
Reported Speech

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To be - English grammar exercises

The Forms of “to be”. Learn how to form sentences with the verb to be ( am / is / are ). Short English grammar. Learn English Grammar for free. The verb to be in easy exercises. Online grammar exercises, interactive and printable exercises. To be and the tenses. A lot of free English grammar exercises and quizzes.



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