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English year 2

Some or any?

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Some or any - English grammar

some - any - The quantifiers.  Some, any and compounds

Some or any?


Some and any: used with countable and uncountable nouns


some /any + plural

some /any + singular



Some is used with in positive statements. Compounds: something, somebody, someone and somewhere.


Examples  some:


There are some computers in the shop.

Send me some text messages.

I see some people in the street.

He bought some cakes.


Some is used in questions, where you a shure about the answer.


Example: Can I have some tea, please?



  • Any is used in questions. 

  • Any is used with not in negative statements.

Compounds: anyone, anything, anywhere.


Examples any:


She didnīt want any cheese.

We donīt send him any.

There arenīt any pupils in school.

There wasnīt any rain in Summer.

Any is used in questions with positive or negative answer.

Example: Has anyone seen Tom?

Any is used in positive sentences with hardly, never und without.


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Some or any - English grammar exercises

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