Relative clauses rules, examples

who, which, whose, whom



people - subject/object
animals and things - subject/object
animals and things - formal structure
people - object
people, things

Relative pronouns like who, which, that and whose are used in place of she, he and it.


Who is used for people.


Which is used for things.


Use whose in place of her, his and its for animals and people.


That is often used at the place of which (informal).

Examples relative pronouns

1. Buckingham Palace which is the home of the Queen is open for visitors in summer.
2. Sherlock Holmes who smoked a pipe was a detective.
3. I must carry the bag which is very heavy.
4. The man whose job is to repair computers is my uncle.
5. He has a shop which is in Leeds.
6. Jake must take the book which is on the table to the library.
7. Jake who loves films goes to the cinema every week.
8. Mum whose car is in the garage must take the bus.
9. The DLR which has no driver is scary.
10. Have you seen the new film which is on at the cinema?


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