Indefinite articles - definite article

Indefinite articles

Use a / an to say what a person or thing is.

He is a friend.
A crocodile is an animal.
Tom is a good worker.

a - indefinite article

a : one person or one thing

Indefinite article before consonant: a.

Examples: a friend, a box, a room, a lamp, a chair, a house ...

an - indefinite article

an: before a, e, i, o, u

Indefinite article before vowel: an.

Examples: an apple,  an animal,  an uncle ...

an hour (h is not pronounced)
a university,  a user, a unit ...

Definite article the

Use the to refer to people or objects that are unique and to refer to something that has already been mentioned. Use the when you know, which thing or person you mean.

Do not use the ...

  • - when you talk about things in general (I love flowers)
  • - Names (She is waiting for Valentine's Day.
  • - before countries, states, cities, towns, continents
  • - languages ( I learn English)
  • - streets and some places

a an - definite and indefinite articles examples

a an - definite and indefinite articles with explanations, examples and exercises.

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