Gerund rules, examples

Gerund rules

gerund = verb + -ing

Attention: The gerund has the same function as a noun.


see - seeing, go - going, break - breaking, look - looking

The gerund as a subject of a sentence

Do not smoke. (smoke = verb)
Smoking is not allowed. (smoking = noun)

The gerund as an object of a sentence

He enjoys singing. (gerund = object)
We enjoy eating pizzas. (gerund = object)

Gerund as subject: Riding is fun in summer.
Gerund as object: Sally loves working in an office.

Gerund signal words

 to like, to love, to enjoy, to dislike, to hate, can't stand ...

Verbs with preposition

to complain about, to talk about, to think of...

Adjective with preposition

to be keen on to be tired of, to be/get used to

Noun with preposition

a chance of

The gerund after verbs with preposition

agree with
apologize for
ask about
ask for
begin by
believe in
be afraid of
be interested in
be used to
care for
carry on
complain about
concentrate on
consist of
cope with
crazy about
decide against
decide for
depend on
die of
dream about / of
escape from
give up
insist on
keep on
look forward to
pay for
protect from
put off
rely on
smell like
spend money on
spend time on
succeed in
take part in
talk about
thank for
think of
tired of
use for
warn against
work on
worry about

The gerund after prepositions

about, How about
apart from
as well as
because of
in addition to
inspite of
instead of

I am proud of visiting Africa.
She dreams of sailing.

Gerund examples

Gerund with explanations, examples and exercises. Change the following sentences into Gerund.

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