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much - many, a lot of ...

  00 much or many Grammar

  01 much or many?

  02 much or many?

  03 much or many?

  04 much or many?

  05 much many?

  06 much many difference

  07 a little or a few?

  08 a little or a few?

  09 a little or a few?

  10 a little or a few?


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Expressions of quantity - Grammar      >>tests>>

much - many - a few - a little. Expressions of quantity. Learning English


An expression of quantity tells the amount of something.


much or many? few or little?


"much" - not countable


"How much...?" With uncountable nouns in negative and questions.




How much homework do we get?

How much money do I need?

How much milk do you want?

Is there much sugar in my tea?


"many" -  countable nouns


With countable nouns in negative and questions.




How many sisters does he have?

How many pupils are in this class?

How many books do you buy?

How many cows live on this farm?


"a few ..." countable nouns


Use "(A) few ..." with countable nouns.




There are just a few examples.

I meet a few friends

I see a few hundred pupils.

I've got few brothers.


"a little..." uncountable


Use "a little" with uncountable nouns.



There is little tea left.

Not a lot, only a little, please.

I've got little money.


Countable nouns and uncountable nouns


a lot of  / lots of Use an exact quantity or a lot of / lots of




There are 10 pupils.

There are a lot of cookies

They have got a lot of CDs.

There are a lot of things on your table.

We have got lots of money.


Note: Use of much in statements. Use much only in questions and negative sentences.



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Expressions of quantity - English grammar


Multiple choice exercises and matching exercises for Enlish grammar. An expression of quantity is a word or group of words that tells the amount of something. The most common expressions of quantity with examples of both countable and noncountable nouns. Expressions of Quantity with countable Nouns. Uncountable Nouns. Multiple choice exercises. Expressions of quantity, grammar practice, grammar quizzes for non-native speakers of English, English online. Understand how to use English expressions of quantity.



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