Expressions of quantity exercises

Expressions of quantity

much and many

00 Expressions of quantity Grammar rules
01 much or many - exercises
02 much or many - exercises
03 much or many?
04 much or many?
05 much or many and rules
06 much or many - difference

a little or a few?

07 a little or a few exercises
08 a little or a few
09 a little or a few
10 a little or a few

More expressions of quantity

a lot of or lots of?

01 a lot of exercises
02 a lot of
03 a lot of word order
04 much, many, a lot of
05 much, many, a lot of

Expressions of quantity exercises with answers

An expression of quantity is a word or group of words that tells the amount of something. The most common expressions of quantity with examples of both countable and noncountable nouns. Expressions of Quantity with countable Nouns. Uncountable Nouns

Expressions of quantity

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