Adverbs and time - exercise

Adverbs + -ly

Examples: coldly, wonderfully, madly

Adverb or adjective?

adjective adverb
 She is a nice girl.
 He is a careful driver.
 Mr Frog is an exited teacher.
She writes nicely.
He drives carefully.
Mr Frog looks exitedly.

Adjective -ic: add -ally.
- Example: automatic - automatically
Adjective with 2 consonants + -le: replace the final -e with -y on its own.
- Example: simple - simply
Adjective with two syllables and ends in -y, replace the -y with -ily:
- Example: happy - happily

Adverbs word order

adverb of manner place time
It's not good to eat
Ben comes
into the room.
in the morning.

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